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Traditional Bows for 2020

Here is a list of Traditional Bows for 2020. Due to their versatility, they’re suitable for beginners, through to intermediate and experts alike. So if you’re just starting out in archery and are looking for the right affordable bow. This list of traditional recurve and longbows is a great place to start.

1. Top Archery 53” Handmade Traditional Recurve Bows

The Top Archery 53″ is a Handmade Traditional style Recurve Bow that is available for around $70. Making it the perfect entry level recurve bow for beginners. As the name implies it’s beautifully handcrafted with that real traditional vibe. This bow is super light at only 1.92lbs and covers a draw length from 28” to 31” inches.

One of the traditional style recurve bows listed as suitable for beginners in our article Traditional Bows for 2020. They have a draw weight starting at 20lbs but as your skill improves it can go as high as 50lbs. You won’t have to worry about whether these bows are suited for left or right handed archers. They can be used by both.

2. Obert Archery 58” Takedown Longbows

The Obert Archery 58″ from Obert Archery are small to midsize traditional bows with takedown capability at a one-piece price. The Obert Archery Takedown bows are listed in our article as Traditional Bows for 2020 and are  traditional style longbows with a cool combat design. With hard maple and fiberglass limbs. Finished wooden handles. And ergonomic design. You can’t go wrong with the $100 Takedown Bows from Obert Archery. These traditional bows feature a draw weight range between 30lbs and 60lbs. They have a draw length of 28″ inches. If you’re looking for small to midsize bows at a price that won’t break the bank without sacrificing quality. These bows are it.

3. SinoArt Sparrow Longbows (Traditional Bows for 2020)

The SinoArt Sparrow Longbows are the perfect size for archers with a small frame. These are also listed as one of our Traditional Bows for 2020. And at around $80 these traditional longbows certainly won’t break the bank. The Sparrow is a right-handed bow with a draw weight that ranges between 20lbs – 35lbs. Its total length is 54”. It has a lovely sleek one-piece design.  It has a wooden riser. A traditional arrow rest. And wood/fiberglass limbs.

4. Longbowmaker Mongolian Handmade Traditional Longbows

The Longbowmaker bows are traditional Longbows that come with a massive range of draw weight options. From 20lbs -110lbs. They are suitable for both right and left handed archers of any skill level. Mongolian style bows are made with traditional natural materials. Leather and Beech with a fiberglass finish. Another of our listed Traditional Bows for 2020. You’ll pay around $120 for these popular traditional bows.

5. IRQ Traditional Longbow (Traditional Bows for 2020)

The IRQ Traditional Longbow is a beautifully styled single piece bow. Made with wood and fiberglass. Finished with real leather and fur gives it that real hunter appeal. It’s 52” in length with draw weights that range from 25lbs-50lbs. Making them versatile traditional bows for archers of any size and skill level. These 100% handmade Mongolian style hunting bows listed in our article Traditional Bows for 2020 will set you back around $90.

6. Southland Archery Supply Pioneer Longbow

The Pioneer Longbow from Southland Archery Supply is a classic high performance longbow. Listed in our article Traditional Bows for 2020 it has simple but beautiful styling. It has a one-size-fits-all right hand grip and seamless one-piece design. The blended wood riser of the Pioneer Longbow is really comfortable. It also has fur padding. Its strong fiberglass limbs are finished in an attractive maple veneer. The string comes with a nocking point already in place. This giving you a ready to shoot bow right out of the box. The overall length of the bow is 68” with draw weights in the 35lbs-55lb range. You’re looking at around $180 for this classic number.

7. Bear Montana Longbows

If your archery skills are at the intermediate to expert level and you’re looking to invest in a really high quality bow. Then the Fred Bear Montana Longbow is well worth a look. This simple but elegant bow is the last one on our list of Traditional Bows for 2020. It will set you back around $400. But it’s quality and durability make it well worth the price. The Montana is available in draw weights from 30lbs-60lbs right handed. And 45lbs-55lbs left handed. The big selling point for me with the Montana is the reflex-deflex technology. It’s essentialy hybridizing the longbow with the popular recurve. This resulting in a longbow style but with the reduced hand shock that recurves are known for.


Traditional bows are great for beginners and experts alike. They’re versatile, stylish, and cheaper than modern bows. You can really develop your skill with any of the bows on this list.  And for the traditionalists. Its archery the way it was meant to be



I created this website during research to help those interested in taking up archery as a sport or for the purpose of hunting for game. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed both indoor and outdoor. In archery there is something for everyone. It is a social activity. It can be chosen as a competitive challenge competing with friends. But whatever activity you choose it to be. Target practice or hunting, indoors or out. It’s good healthy Fun!

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