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Types of Archery Still Used Today

Types of Archery Still Used Today

In today’s modern world a bow and arrow would be considered a very primitive weapon. However, there are still many of the older Types of Archery still used today. But for thousands of years our ancestors used bows and arrows as a means of survival.

Archery was used for hunting game in order to provide food in the form of meat and also clothing from animal pelts. Although in ancient times archery was also used as a weapon. It was eventually replaced as a weapon when man discovered gunpowder and firearms to be more effective.


Today, bowhunting is still a preferred method of archery by some for hunting in preference to the use of a modern rifle. This will usually rely on the need for closer contact with the chosen prey. This may be anything from a rabbit to a deer. Or even fish, in which case it is also known naturally as Bow Fishing.

Whatever the prey, having the ability to remain quiet and still for long periods requires quite a bit of discipline. Required patience and persistence some hunters demonstrate by camping in the bush for several days to stalk their prey.

Target Archery

For those who are not interested in actual hunting or quite as adventurous as the keen hunter. Target archery is much friendlier and certainly more suitable for beginners. And target archery is another one of those older types of archery still used today. It is also very popular with more advanced enthusiasts. These advanced archers range upward from intermediate level archery. Even right up to the very high standards of competitive archery used in Olympic Games competitions.

The sport is most commonly found in an outdoor environment and normally involves placing a static target at a given distance in an open field, although Indoor Archery may be found to be more enjoyable depending on the seasons especially in colder climes.

The type and choice of bow used on target archery can vary somewhat. But it can be virtually any type of bow. Some popular types typically used by bowhunters include the compound, recurve and barebow.

Field Archery

Field archery is one of those older types of archery still used today. It is fun but also considered more challenging than just straight forward static target archery. Yes you are still using a static target! But in field archery there are several targets that are placed along a course in the woods. The difficulty lies with finding where the targets are placed. They may be placed behind obstacles or placed at awkward angles. They may even be placed up high or down lower. But still considered static targets regardless.

The types of bow used can be just the same as those mentioned in the previous paragraph on target archery.

3 Dimentional (3D) Archery

3D archery is very similar to field archery. But it just takes it up another step. The targets are still found along a designated course in the woods. But the targets now come in different shapes and sizes to represent somewhat an image of the real thing. Instead of the standard circular bull’s-eye type target, these targets are now shaped as a variation of different fake animals, giving a certain simulated reality and feel.

The longbow is sometimes used in 3D archery, but the compound and recurve bows are common favorites. However, whatever the choice of bow, 3D archery is great practice. Especially for those who may actually be intending to go real Bowhunting someday.

Clout Archery

Clout archery is basically a variation of target archery where a static bulls-eye type target is used and placed in a field. But instead of the target being upright it is laid flat on the ground. This requires the archer to shoot the arrow higher into the air in an arc. Calculating and allowing for gravity to assist the arrow to fall onto the target.

The most commonly used bow in this form of archery is the recurve bow.

Flight Archery (Distance Archery)

Flight archery is where an archer is aiming at a target that is placed as far away as possible. This form of archery is very good for improving strength and accuracy at greater distances. Usually a participant in this form of archery will use a specialized flight bow.

But if you don’t have access to a specialized bow, a typical recurve bow would be the next suitable choice to do the job.

Traditional Forms of Archery

Traditional Types of Archery still used today still simply relies on the use of a basic bow and arrows. And without applying the assistance and use of any available modern equipment and/or technology such as stabilizers etc.

It’s just you; your chosen target, and the type of bow you prefer. It can be in any of the traditional forms of archery mentioned above. Bowhunting, Target practice, Clout, Field, or Flight.

Whatever form of archery you choose, basically it’s just you on your own with just a bow. And of course your arrows and a target to shoot at.

I hope this article has given you some insight into the sport and the different types of archery still used today. so why not pick up a bow and give it a go.